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V.M. Marketing Group, Inc., established in 1997, works to provide best-in-class marketing solutions to laser aesthetic practices through innovative Internet marketing techniques. Through extensive experience in the aesthetic laser field, V.M. Marketing Group, Inc. specializes in the integration of aesthetic laser services into existing practices. Whether you have just added aesthetic laser procedures to your list of services or are an existing practice looking to revitalize your business plan, V.M. Marketing Group, Inc. can help with a multitude of your business aspects such as management, staff training and sound marketing strategy.

Through ownership of a successful marketing company as well as a thriving aesthetic laser practice, V.M. Marketing Group, Inc's knowledge and experience of owning and operating a laser clinic as well as incorporating innovative marketing techniques into today's online world cannot be matched. Their online marketing techniques have helped many successful aesthetic practices stay on top of the ever changing aesthetic market. When it comes to expanding your patient base, you need more than an online presence-you need an online marketing strategy that works.

V.M. Marketing Group, Inc. offers customized websites that are designed not only to attract potential leads, but to convert those leads into patients. In order to successfully promote your business, you need to work with a company that personally understands your specific needs. You need a company that offers customized solutions that will achieve the goals set forth by your practice. You need innovative marketing strategies designed to deliver consistent results. You need-V.M. Marketing Group, Inc.

Services Available at VM Marketing Group Inc. Include:

Web Design/Rebuilds
Participating practices consistently see increased traffic, gains in qualified leads, increased revenue and a clear advantage over competitors. Each site is designed or rebuilt according to each practice's individual needs and strengths.
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V.M. Marketing Group, Inc's web optimization program is designed to expand traffic flow and increase quality lead production. V.M. Marketing Group, Inc. has the knowledge and capabilities to maximize exposure of websites and increase rankings...
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Telephone Tracking
By combining toll-free vanity 1-800 numbers with computer intelligence to automate a wide range of data requests and services, clinics can experience phone call leads in real time. Call recording and tracking is also beneficial for staff training and an accurate display of ROI.
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Flash Animations
V.M. Marketing Group, Inc. can guide prospective patients to your practice by combining elegant design elements with informative and compelling content to give you a strong online presence. At V.M. Marketing Group, Inc., you are choosing to work with a team of marketing experts...
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A Well Documented Record of Success

V.M. Marketing Group, Inc's history of success is unmatched in the industry. Since 2001, they have launched and hosted over 150 websites dedicated to the aesthetic laser market.

Their accomplishments include:

  • Established first online directory for laser hair removal
  • First interactive online consultation form for hair removal
  • First laser hair removal zip code locater on the Internet
  • Top rankings for our site LaserHairRemoval.Com on Google and Yahoo! for 9 years running
  • Generated over $150 million in revenue for clients of LaserHairRemoval.Com

Options to Fit Every Budget:

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