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Lead Generation in years past involved hours of leg work and research, but now, qualified leads are just a click away. Internet lead generation has changed the way companies market on the web. So how can your growing practice benefit from this innovation? At VM Marketing Group Inc., we are continually dedicated to providing fresh, strong and accurate leads to all of our clients. Whether we are building your site from scratch, or are optimizing an existing site to make it more web ready, lead generation will be at the forefront of our design. Potential patients will visit your site and will be compelled to contact your center in any number of ways. Giving potential patients options will allow them to feel completely at ease when contacting your center.

Each website we create will have three different ways for potential patients to contact your center: toll free phone calls, consultation forms and contact forms.

Toll Free Phone Calls:

One marketing strategy employed on each of our sites is a toll free 1-800 number that is used solely for your practice. By adding a toll free number to your website, you not only incline potential patients to call into your center, but you also have a medium for generating qualified leads. By using our innovative phone call tracking system, clients will have the opportunity to monitor, record and track all incoming phone calls. Potential patients will call the number listed on your site, the information will be sent to our data center where it is then immediately delivered to your center in real time. An employee from your center will answer the call and then an exchange will be made. All calls that drop to your center from our system will be fully recorded. This allows your center to track your phone calls and use the recordings for monitoring and training purposes.

Consultation Forms:

One of the most efficient ways to receive qualified leads from potential patients is through our customized consultation forms. Your website will come with a consultation form that is customized to your particular needs. The interactive consultation form works in two ways: first it allows potential patients to determine if the procedure they are researching is right for them, and second, it allows your clinic or practice to collect information from individuals who are interested in the procedures and treatments you offer. Potential patients will fill out the consultation and within seconds, the form will deliver results to the patient via e-mail. The information will also be sent to your clinic via email where one of your employees can then follow up. Those centers that stay on top of consult leads generate more new clients and in turn generate a higher ROI.

Contact Forms:

Contact forms are not as involved as consultation forms, but they are another way for potential patients to contact your center. While contact forms do not contain questions about your specific procedures, they are still a way for potential patients to submit their information to your center. Like Consultation forms, contact forms are delivered to your center within seconds and allow for immediate interaction between your center and potential patients interested in your services.

Any cosmetic or medical center can greatly benefit from the lead generation program offered by VM Marketing Group Inc. When working with our company, these lead generation mediumís can significantly increase the flow of traffic toward your website, and ultimately increase your overall income. Potential patients find a reputable center in their area and you expand your client base and overall revenue, what can be better than that?

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