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Online Consultation Forms are a sound method for gaining a distinct advantage over your competition. These forms have quickly become an effective tool for both informing potential patients about their chances for success of their desired treatment, as well as generating leads for affiliated clinics. When V.M. Marketing Group, Inc. created the first extensive interactive online consultation application in 1999, it changed the way potential patients submit personal information on the web.

These unique online consultation forms can be customized specifically to meet your individual informational needs; they can be geared towards any aesthetic procedure imaginable. Customized online consultation forms enable potential patients to better determine if the procedure they are researching is right for them, while at the same time, they allow your practice to collect qualified leads mere seconds after submission. Our lead generation program allows your company to maximize web leads by interacting with potential patients quickly and efficiently.

At VM Marketing Group Inc., we are continually dedicated to helping you obtain qualified leads that will build company clientele. Our interactive medical consultation forms are changing the way leads are generated on the web. While contact forms are handy for collecting personal information from a potential patient, consultation forms work two ways. Not only will consult forms collect and track potential patientsí personal information, but they will also help patients to determine if the procedure they are researching is right for them.

Our unique consultation forms can be customized to pertain to each centerís individual informational needs. This ensures that you are collecting information that will help to determine if your procedures are right for those who are researching them. Consultation forms from VM Marketing Group Inc have quickly become an effective means for informing potential patients about their chances for success as well as generating leads for affiliated clinics. When the customized consultation forms are filled out by potential patients, each form is individually tracked. Tracking these forms enables your center to stay on top of the generated leads. Within seconds of the form being submitted, the interactive consultation will deliver results to the potential patient via e-mail, which will reveal whether or not the individual is an ideal candidate for the procedure they are inquiring about. The e-mail containing the results will also provide the address and phone number of your center which will allow the potential patient the opportunity to take further steps in contacting your clinic if they so desire.

Within 10 seconds of the form submission, not only will the potential patient receive a response, but the consultation results will also be sent via e-mail from your website directly to your center. All information submitted by the potential patient will be delivered to your clinic in real time, which ensures that all consultation leads are fresh and new. This will allow your company to take immediate action on turning each new lead into a client. By monitoring and tracking consultation forms, your center will be able to keep accurate track of the number of leads generated through consultation forms for each participating affiliate. Learn more today about how advantageous customized online consultation forms can be for your center.

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