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Telephone Call Tracking

Phone Call Tracking is an innovative new way to track leads in order to see how potential patients are finding you. Advertising comes in many different forms. Whether it is television, radio, print, Internet or other, advertising is what drives business. So how do you know if your advertising is working? Say you have ads currently running on TV and radio, youíve got a billboard next to your cityís busiest highway and you just launched your new website. Do you have a way of knowing which of these marketing mediums is truly paying off? Why make the decision to spend thousands of dollars on marketing tactics if you donít have any way of calculating your ROI. With VM Marketing Group Inc., you can feel confident that your marketing dollars are well spent; our telephone call tracking system allows your center to see exactly where your leads are generated from. Thereís finally a way to feel good about ad spending.

Telephone call tracking is an application that combines telephone communication with computer intelligence. Phone call tracking allows businesses to apply telephone applications to suit specific business needs. This tracking system is used to automate a wide range of data requests and services. By combining caller input with menu driven scripts, potential patients can call into your medical or cosmetic practice, or to a remote call center (if you so choose), using a touch-tone phone, and interact with our system in real time.

Hereís a breakdown of how our phone call tracking process works. When potential patients who are searching online come across your website, they will dial either a toll free number or a local telephone tracking phone number provided by us on the site; the call once placed will immediately go to our data center. The data center will begin recording and tracking the call while simultaneously re-directing the call based on the area in which you reside; re-directs are based on area code and zip code. Once re-directed, the call will then drop into your call center where it will be answered by the designated employees. Once this happens the potential patient will be interacting directly with your center.

Not only does our telephone call tracking implement a real time calling system for your practice, it also implements a real time tracking system for your practice. Each call that drops into your practice will be individually tracked and recorded. Our system will collect all available information of each caller via caller ID and once the call is completed, our system allows you to access callersí information and review previously placed calls simultaneously. This allows your practice to take full advantage of potential patient information; take your leads and turn them into clients.

Using our telephone call tracking system is quick and easy. Each site that we build has their very own toll-free number and each toll free call made can be monitored, tracked and recorded for close observation. All calls placed can be tracked for caller ID, time, length and disposition code. Monitoring and tracking calls is just another way to keep an accurate count of the amount of leads generated for your clinic via Internet advertising. Get started today and see how easy it is to turn phone inquiries into real leads.

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